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6 thoughts on “Episode 1 Fan Questions”

  1. Mark you are so awesome and thank you for sharing this podcast with us , I am humbled to have had the opportunity in my life to have watched you and Earnhardt race each other in Darlington and Atlanta . It was amazing to see you two drive it right to the edge of breaking loose smoking the right rear tire going through the corners . Thank you thank you thank you .

  2. Dear Mr. Martin,
    I have been a long time race fan. I was so sorry to see you retire. But a well-deserved retirement! You were my favorite driver because you were a clean driver. No dirty trick’s. You made all the driver’s give you the respect you deserved. Have a great and well-deserved retirement!!I’ll miss you.

  3. Hi Mark! Would love to hear a Podcast of your ASA and ARTGO Days….stories about you and Trickle, Wallace, Phillips and others.
    Great show Mr. Martin!

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